How to Prepare for UGC NET JRF Exam?

How to Prepare for UGC NET JRF Exam? 

This aspect of the blog will go about as a personalised strategy to assist you with UGC NET preparation. The reality that you have reached here how to prepare for UGC NET 

It is great that you have been sticking around till now and at least now you know you’re determined. Since you’re so patient, I know you have the motivation in you to do it. It is presently my obligation that you get the correct technique and the correct direction so the day you step into the examination hall isn’t a restless, anxious day yet a sure, pleased day for you.       

On the off chance that we consider life as a game and the obstacle of clearing your examination as a significant stage that decides the further stages, then you need 2 things- Intense battling abilities and the correct ammo to thump down your adversaries and rise triumphant before the finish of this stage. Try not to stress, I am that individual who can train you battling abilities and give the correct ammo to your battle.  

Let us currently emerge from our gaming zone and get directly into the UGC NET preparation. Keep in mind, it is difficult yet it’s justified, despite all the trouble. Take a full breath, disclose to yourself that you can do anything you want, and let us dive directly into the following stage.  

I have created a format for you that will assist you with understanding what to study, how much to study, and where to study from.  

It has been planned remembering two significant perspectives:  

1. Your scholastic capability and  

2. Number of hours you can devote for your preparation 

Based on your inputs, I have made a personalized format that can direct you in your groundwork for the forthcoming examination.    

Let us understand some essential points that will help you to go through the format successfully:    

  1. Your educational qualification has been utilized to order you into one of the 2 classifications: 
  • If you fall in the first category, you are “Above average in the Paper 1 exam” based on your experience of taking some relevant competitive exam like CAT, Banking or other Government exams & you have an “Average level of Knowledge relating to the Paper 2” which you have studied in your post-graduation.    
  • If you fall in the second category, you are below average in Both Paper 1 and Paper 2.   
  1. Another categorization has been made, in light of the number of hours you can devote reliably. The division of your total number of hours that you can spend each day into hours spent on Paper 1 and hours spent on Paper-2 has been given below. You can come into any one of the following categories mentioned below:   
  • You can study for < 3 hours/day  
  • One can study for 3 to 6 hours/day  
  • You can study for > 6 hours/day    

Please go through the following extra points for a better understanding of the format: 

  1. For Paper 1   
  • Some topics like Quantitative Aptitude, Mathematical Reasoning, and Data Interpretation require a basic understanding of topics like Ratio & Proportion, Percentages, Profit & Loss, and Fractions   
  • Few topics are totally conceptual topics such as Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Communication & Higher Education 
  • And Finally, few topics are either factual or can be improved purely through practice such as Information & Communication Technology (ICT), People, and Environment & Higher Education  
  1. For Paper 2  
  • Categorize the 10 Subjects into 3 Parts – Easy, Medium & Difficult based on your level of understanding and preparedness of these subjects. Once you have divided the subjects into Easy, Medium, and Difficult, you must spend time on them accordingly as mentioned below.       

This format has been made while keeping in mind that the minimum time duration required for UGC NET preparation is 3 months.  

Now if you have understood the above 2 points, let us move forward and check the format: 

  • If you have done MBA/CAT/Banking Exam, then I believe you’re above average in both Paper 1 and Paper 2. Now, according to the number of hours that you can give daily for UGC NET Preparation, we have divided the daily hours for Paper 1 and Paper 2 as follows: 
  • If Number of hours you can give daily 
  • < 3 Hours – 1 hour for Paper 1 and 2 hours for Paper 2 
  • 3-6 Hours – 1 hour for Paper 1 and 5 hours for Paper 2 
  • > 6 Hours – 1 hour for Paper 1 and more than 5 hours for Paper 2 
  • If you’re in College Pursuing Masters/Completed Masters, then I believe you’re below average in both Paper 1 and Paper 2. Now, according to the number of hours that you can give daily for UGC NET Preparation, we have divided the daily hours for Paper 1 and Paper 2 as follows: 
  • If Number of hours you can give daily 
  • < 3 Hours – 1 hour for Paper 1 and 2 hours for Paper 2 
  • 3-6 Hours – 2 hours for Paper 1 and 4 hours for Paper 2 
  • > 6 Hours – 2 hours for Paper 1 and more than 4 hours for Paper 2 

How to Prepare for UGC NET Exam (Steps): 

In the event that there’s any mantra to effectively prepare for the UGC NET Exam, at that point this is the one. There are 5 stages for you to follow to realize that you’re on the correct way to prepare for the test.  

Step 1:  Take mock tests of Paper-1 & Paper-2 to recognize your weak and strong subjects. This will push you to productively use your preparation time. Consider a score of less than 40% as your weak subject. 

Step 2: Divide the subjects into two parts – strong & weak subjects. A box is given below to list your strong & weak subjects. Don’t worry if the list of the weak subject is longer. Be honest with yourself because that will help you.  

Step 3: The entire preparation of UGC NET is divided into weeks. You have to pick up only 2 subjects at a time, one from Paper-1 and the other one from Paper-2. You can start with your strong subjects as covering your strengths the start will save time and boost your morale. Keep a balance between both the papers as both are important to crack the UGC NET Examination.   

Step 4: You must be pondering, “How do I prepare current affairs?” which are asked in Paper 1 from the topics like People & Environment, ICT & Higher Education. It seems like a very difficult task. Well, it’s not, because I will be covering all of them in my live sessions on my YouTube Channel every Saturday and you will not have to worry about reading the newspapers.  

Step 5: Since candidates find Data Interpretation & Quantitative Aptitude to be a difficult task; I have simplified them in a manner that even the basics have been covered in a detailed manner in my course.  

I believe by now the query How to prepare for UGC NET Examination must have been resolved in your mind and you have a proper mind map to prepare for UGC NET Examination. 

In the end, I would just like to conclude by saying that all this information, material, and preparation strategy will only help you to a certain extent. What actually matters is your hard work and determination to crack the UGC NET Examination with JRF. Read More

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